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Summing Up Rape In B-Movies - The Sexploitation Spectrum

Rape Scenario One: What I'll refer to as "old school" where the girl is raped, but not violently or aggressively, but more to coax her into an act that she is at first opposed to but comes to enjoy. Case in point, most classic sexploitation pictures from the late 60s and early 70s. A guy will grab a girls wrists force himself on her, kissing, groping and the girl will struggle, giggle and ultimately "learn to love it." "Hot Summer in Barefoot County" is a fine example. Not a very politically correct version of the crime of rape but nonetheless, one that was shown countless times as Drive-In fodder.

Rape Scenario Two: The gut wrenching, hard-to-watch variety ala' "I Spit On Your Grave," "Last House On The Left" and the Academy Award nominated "The Accused." You know what I am talking about. The rape scene, that if you have the misfortune of viewing with a female in attendance, lessens your chances of "getting any" on that night. It usually involves the camera position of behind the guy's white ass as it humps bumps and grinds, edited with grimaces from the gal and grins from the low-life performing the act. "Rape Squadf" threw in the rapist demanding "Jingle Bells" being sung as he popped his nut. This scenario brings home the terror and violence of rape which might cause someone to seek revenge, to hunt down the perpetrator and "fuck" him in a much different way. Well, sorry NGM delivers on neither of these scenarios effectively in the opening scene and although the filmmakers avoid the ass crack shot we get full-on facial expressions from our victim, which are supposed to deliver us to her "disgusting place." I didn't quite get there. There were a group of construction types there though but you better pay attention because it is one of those movie moments where something happens, but the viewer is the last one to know what and the characters all tend to become a cinematic Dinty Moore stew, all mixing together in a odiferous, confusing concoction.


G o r e + C h i c = V e r y C h i c

Each bag is an extension of our body.
At last an epidermic, polysemic accessory,

a successful alchemy between captivating & repulsive
for a less accomodating yet terribly efficient fashion.

Its skin-like appearance and its feel
provides an enticing and reaction provoking object.

The dedicated bags for numérical equipment are waterproof and protective covers.
They become autonomous organisms.

The SkinBag OuterClothing is the skin appearance that we choose.
It have the color of desire skin.

It look like a scalped body :
our internal mystery appears at the surface.

Each SkinBag is handmade on demand=
Each Bag and OuterClothing series is limited to
30 copies=

• Material : synthetic human skin=
• Colour : available in all shades of human skin colour [asian, black, white, mixed]

Tatoo personalisation : name, sentence, logo =
Order on-line for specific request (new model, tatoos, size, colour…)
Production time :
2-3 weeks =



The Efficient Way To Shave Your Persian Cat's Nose.

Equipment List

Before you begin, assemble the things you need to shave your kitty's nose.

Your list should include:
1. Hibitane Skin Cleanser
2. Pears Soap and a container to put it in
3. a new Razor
4. a small container of warm water
5. Quilted Cotton round makeup pads
6. Cotton Swabs
Using mascara to define the edges of their cats face is a must, but in weeks time hair will grow and destroy the make-up job you have given your cat! Oh my indeedily! Well, you can be the talk of the town now, when you learn to shave your cats nose!

Image 1: Your cats face smothered in mascara. Image 2: Nose hair growth, causes fading of defined lines.

The best time to shave a cat's nose is immediately after bathing. With the cat wrapped in a towel and happy to be over the ordeal of a bath, the nose shaving is usually an anticlimax and can be done very quickly with the cat raising no objection.

Take a Q-tip and dip it in hot water first. Cats don't like to get soap in their nostrils so the Q-tip should not be dripping wet.

Then rub the end of the Q-tip on the Pears soap.

Rub the soapy Q-tip lightly all around the cat's nose, being sure to soap slightly beyond the edge of the nose leather.


Get all that nasty hair off the edges while keeping the razor at an edge.

Mr. Cat is happy now. And so are you.

Some persians have a dip or a dimple in their nose. It is not possible to shave this part, even if you try stretching the nose apart. The only way to deal with this is by using a pair of tweezers.

The tweezers can also be used to remove the bits of hair on both sides of the base of the nostrils if desired.

After shaving and tweezing, your cats mascara line will have a smooth definition that will impress your friends.


Popping the Cherry of Posticular Virginism

posting This will begin and in turn end your train (toot toot[brain fart]) of thought (light bulb)=
All information will begin after the introduction of the "lifespan" or the blog proceeding=
This "livespan" will include subjects of the following paradigm: analaysis of pop culture, the inherent anti-culture, the cyberfication of human kind, hard, soft, firm, real, wet, wired, wireless, whatever... and reviews of awesome b-movies-the mutant creation/offspring of society's phlegm industry=
This is a snack tray of what you will see to come. The seperation of subjects will not always be. All other posts will be only one topic. Thank you and obey the format.


the cyberian age has created a parallelism of many such things and the following is meerly a smidgen of constant^2 due to c-age.
The subsidiary of pop culture=
It is thought of as a medium in the "big world" in which corporate powers get their point across by the all righteous anti-capitalist resistance= Using waring terms, the leader of the front of the anti-ad, culture jammers is AdBusters who jack off on corporate advertising and wipe it up with the towel
* to create their own propaganda and imagery. This creates the correspondence to the spam and the jam.

* "the towel" defines Adobe® Photoshop® CS the professional standard in desktop digital imaging
What happens when a building reads your thoughts? What if music responded to your mind?

Think of brainwaves+music+lighting+performance-art+spa=
actually It is more like brainwaves that create music and lighting which in turn creates performance art which in turn creates a spa-like shower of relaxing sensations.
Check out the DECONism gallery!

REGEN3 will present the latest developments in EEG brainwave music research, by presenting an ensemble comprised of Toronto jazz musicians playing music which is driven and altered by the brainwaves of the audience. Audience members can become part of an advanced mass EEG system which uses audience brainwaves to control both the music and lighting environment: a truly 'smart' building. Join us and see what happens when the mood of the environment is regenerated by the collective consciousness of the attendees.

check the Regenerative Brainwave Electrofunk out now CLICK HERE

A good movie to check out if you liked the japanfilm-fetish inducing film Kill Bill then I would recommend the awesome new DVD Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter.

It is a kaboom zoom of zim zam doom full of go go dancing, gang fights, street muggings and of course ROCK N' ROLL! And for you Tarentino film lovers out there, you will be happy to know that the director, Hasebe, uses influences of Tarentino's "violent scenes" in his movie.

So yeah check it out, NOW!